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At GOUTOS REAL ESTATE we respect the personal data of each visitor.
Every time you use one of the GOUTOS websites
ΚΤΗΜΑΤΟΜΕΣΙΤΙΚΗΣ (goutos.com, gcollection.gr,), δεσμεύεστε ότι έχετε διαβάσει
carefully this text, which we will briefly call “Data
policy”, and that you have agreed to it In some cases we will ask you
to agree with the “Data Policy” on points of interest
such as personal data collection points.
Below we will clearly explain the points, the procedures and the purpose
collection of your personal data, how we process them, how
we protect them and what are your rights.
1. Where do we collect your data?
The download of your personal data takes place after you have previously
consent in writing to this. GOUTOS REAL ESTATE CONSTRUCTION IKE does not
transfer your data to third parties.
The points at which your data is collected are:
• During your registration, as our users or customers, for the use of our services
free of charge or after payment.
• When you register to receive our newsletter e-mails.
• When communicating with our company the registration of an ad
throught gcollection .gr .
• When contacting support (by phone or electronically) for
• When requesting direct assignment, sending resume, listing
search request with the use of the form.
• 2. What information do you provide us?
• According to the terms of use we will ask you for your registration to us
to provide an email address that will need to be verified.
• If you wish to post an ad, we will ask you in addition
contact telephone for which certification can also be requested
so we can make sure you own it.
• You may be asked for additional information such as VAT number and address for
providing an invoice or, for special cases of advertisement, the confirmation
of your professional capacity. You can request, at any time, deletion of
your personal data.
• Information about your name, your age, your gender and
your professional capacity, as well as the area in which you reside.
You can request the deletion of your personal data at any time
you want.
3. How we use your data
• We communicate with you through automated messages related to topics
of your account (eg if the ad expires, a password reminder etc)
You receive these messages for as long as you have
an active account, are considered necessary for proper
systems coordination and can not be turned off.
• We send you informative messages, via email and / or sms. You can
stop receiving these messages whenever you want.
• We send you Notifications that you have activated and they concern
searched you saved and that are of interest to you. The data that
keep for your saved searches are the filters you have
chosen. You can delete them, change the download frequency or
stop them whenever you want.
4. Other items linked to your account.
Questionnaires / Competitions
We may ask you to answer optional questionnaires so we
can improve our services. Your participation in them may be accompanied by
some prize.
In case of cooperation with third parties for a tender, there will be
clear terms of use of the data you provide to us and with which you will
have to agree before participating in any such competition,
to whom you will be asked for consent again.
Device / connection details
We are able to know information like your IP, the software that
you use, your connecting device and which navigation path
you follow when you use our website or our apps. To achieve this
we use different technologies, for example by using small files called cookies or media
from third party sources. These third platforms include intercom,
Google and hotjar but are not limited to these.
We use this information to
• Improve our services by designing the best experience
according to your needs of use.
• To display the appropriate commercial messages of gcollection .gr and / or
of its partners, to suit your use needs.
5. Items that you choose to display on the apps / website etc of GOUTOS
REAL ESTATE and affiliate websites (π.χ. gcollection.gr).
• The content of your ad, such as the type of property, the area
of the property, the location of the property, photos of the property etc.
• The above data are published on the website gcollection.gr. You can
ask for deletion of data whenever you want throught the contact form
or via email on infor@goutos.com
6. Systemic messages
Gcollection .gr sends you messages that only concern your account.
These messages may relate to password recovery in the services of
GOUTOS REAL ESTATE or information on end of subscription etc.
The reception of these messages can not be stopped except with
the deletion of deactivation of your account.
7. Marketing messages / Updates
Gcollection .gr may ask your permission to send newsletters
messages with topics of various interests, offers, competitions for
account and / or its associates, but without providing them with this data
for their own use. You can refuse or stop receiving these
messaged whenever you want.
You can stop them by:
• Contacting info@goutos.com with a request to unsubscribe from
relevant list of recipients of newsletter e-mails.
Stopping marketing messages does not mean stopping systemic ones
messages that are related to your account, or the notifications you have selected
to receive.
8. Advertising
During your visit to the Goutos you may
During your visit to the Goutos you may
During your visit to the Goutos you may
These banners may be related to information we have stored in
your browser, using small cookies, during
of your visit to gcollection .gr. This information may relate to
example which sections you visited, some of your previous searches, etc.
9. Retention of information
We keep your information in our database for as long as you have an active
account and as long as we provide you with our
For security or other legal reasons we will need to maintain
some items you have linked to your account such as phones or e-mails
and after deletion of your account. For the permanent deletion of these data
please contact us.
10. Where do we store your data
Your data is stored in secure computer environments
which, taking into account all modern security practices.
Credit card details are not stored at all and in any form.
11. Processing
The company reserves the right to use data that
linked to your account (eg ads) in such a way that it is not possible to
identification or disclosure of the person to whom they relate, for statistics,
research and / or advertising purposes.
The processing of the data, after the process of disconnecting them from the physical ones
persons, can be done by third parties to fulfill the above purposes.
12. Security
GOUTOS REAL ESTATE undertakes the responsibility to store, to
preserve and protect your personal data with all legal
security procedures in accordance with the provisions of L. 2472/1997 and L.
3471/2006, as in force but also of the new European General Regulation
Data Protection (EU) 2016/679 as well as Directive 95/46 / EC, on
data protection.
GOUTOS REAL ESTATE also guarantees the compliance of its partners
for the proper use of your personal data and undertakes not to
retain or process after their deletion request unless otherwise stated
in applicable law.
GOUTOS REAL ESTATE does not bear any responsibility for any notification of
user name or password by the user. If
you reveal the password to someone else (such as someone close to you
person, your employer or a website), will have access to the account and
and your Personal Information. The security of your account depends on
keeping your account password private. The
Enabling 2-step verification (2FA) is recommended and helps you
to further protect your account .
13. Your rights
• You have the right to be informed about your personal data.
• Upon your request at info@goutos.com we will provide you with information
regarding your personal data we keep for you.
• You have the right to process your personal data (correction,
addition). You can edit them by logging in to You can edit them by logging in to
“my account”, or send us a request.
• You have the right to request the deletion of your personal data,
sending a relevant request. We have some of your personal data
obligation to keep them for a period of time because
These data are required to meet our contractual obligations
against you or due to legal requirements.
14. Reviews
GOUTOS REAL ESTATE reserves the right to modify this,
at its absolute discretion. In case of changes, it has to declare the
date of its amendment or revision in this declaration. The
Updated Data Policy will be effective from that date. We advice you
to visit this statement frequently for your information. The
This statement was last updated on 01/07/2020.
15. Contact
If you have questions, comments or complaints about management or protection
of your personal data by us or if you wish to modify or
exercise any of your rights, please
contact us via the contact form of gcollection .gr or via email at